Yeasty Beast Protocol Kit

Yeasty Beast Protocol Kit

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Yeasty Beast Protocol

Got yeast? This complete protocol is the intelligent way to help rid your dog of yeast without dangerous yeast die-off.  It's a safe and effective program of gentle herbs and homeopathic remedies.


1. Remove starches, sugars and carbohydrates from your dog's diet. These nutrients feed yeast so removing them from the diet will starve the yeast.

2. Give the Liver Tonic to prepare the liver and organs so they can manage the dead yeast

3. Give the Yeasty Beast I to support the skin and immune system during detox. 

4. Give the Yeasty Beast II powder at least 2 hours before or after meals so the enzymes can attack yeast and not digest your dog's meals. 

5. Once the yeast die-off is complete, consider moving your dog to the Leaky Gut Protocol to solve the root cause. It's also a good idea to start your dog on a quality probiotic such as Love Bugs or Fido’s Flora once you've completed the Yeasty Beast Protocol.

 Keep your dog on a good quality probiotic, such as Love Bugs or Fido's Flora.

* This product is not for use in cats. 


Yeasty Beast is a kit designed to help your dog fight yeast. It includes:

Liver Tonic (Mother tincture of Taraxacum officinalis, Chelidonium majus, Carduus marianus, Berberis, organic vegetable glycerin, water)

Yeasty Beast I Homeopathic combination - soothes and detoxes the skin (Sulphur 30x, Berberis 12c, Nux vomica 12c, Echinacea 12c and Graphites 12c prepared in a 13% alcohol base)

Yeasty Beast II (Plant-based enzyme and probiotic blend, Pau d-arco, Caprylic acid)

How Long Will It Last?

Size of Dog How long will it last? 
    Up to 60 lbs
    60 days
    Over 60 lbs
    30 days