Whole Deer Antler

Whole Deer Antler

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Created by Wag

An eco-treat with a tasty twist, these are 100% doggo-and-earth-friendly.

Long-lasting Antlers are shed by deer and left in the wild – and we never let a naturally good thing go to waste.

Whole Antlers are just right for doggos with a bit more bite to their bark. If they were human they would tackle a jaw-breaker and get through to the gummy centre, they’re the holy-grail of chews with a whole lotta health benefits.

Rich with the good stuff like calcium and phosphorous, they scrape away tartar build up by a massive 70%.

Easy to love and hard on the chew to fight dental disease and keep your dog’s smile selfie-ready.

We suggest treating your doggo for up to 30 minutes a day and supervised with this treat.



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