Tumoxil For Dogs - Bumps be Gone

Tumoxil For Dogs - Bumps be Gone

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Main Function – To support the normal metabolism of body fat
to support the appearance of smooth skin.

Use For:

  •  Soft tissue health
  •  Supporting healthy waste elimination
  •  Assists in drawing unwanted chemicals, toxins, pollutants & heavy metals
  •  Supporting healthy organ functions

For added support, use both Amber NaturalZ Tumoxil and Kidney Rejuvenator together.

For use in dogs only.

BUMPS BE GONE. A herbal blend designed to help the body dissolve normal fatty lumps under the skin.


  • Formulated with different herbs to assist the immune system.
  • helps support the body’s natural ability to reduce fatty build-up under the skin.
  • supports healthy waste elimination
  • enhances organ functions
  • Assists in drawing unwanted chemicals, toxins, pollutants & heavy metals from the skin.

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