Solgar Vitamin E 100IU

Solgar Vitamin E 100IU

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Vitamin E plays a role in the formation of cell membranes, cell respiration, and in the metabolism of fats. Vitamin E is essential for proper function of the body; deficiencies of Vitamin E can cause cell damage, affecting skeletal muscle, heart, liver, testes, and nerve cells. Symptoms of vitamin E deficiency include muscle weakness and/or infertility.

Natural sources of vitamin E are primarily plant based, so raw diets are typically low in vitamin E unless it is supplemented. On top of that, fish oil or other polyunsaturated fats further increase the need for adequate vitamin E in the diet.

Solgar offers a 100 IU capsule, one 100 IU capsule per day would be great for a 50 pound dog. 

Vitamin E overdoses are extremely rare – there are no known toxicity levels of vitamin E in dogs and cats, and fed even at huge levels, no interruption of bodily functions has been demonstrated.

so feeding more than 2 IU per pound of body weight isn’t a big deal. This is just a general guideline – exceeding it isn’t an issue. For example, a 25 pound dog would need 350 IU weekly based on the 2 IU per pound of body weight guideline. Feeding one 400 IU capsule per week would be fine, or two 200 IU capsules per week, or one 100 IU capsule every other day.



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