Sensitive Diet - Pork & Duck
Sensitive Diet - Pork & Duck

Sensitive Diet - Pork & Duck

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Perfect For Dogs with food sensitivities, Easy way to start your dogs elimination diet with Raw Goodness or a base for DIY raw feeders.

It is estimated that 10-20% of allergies in dogs are related to food ingredients. If your pet licks his feet, gets ear infections and scratches, you might need to consider whether he has food allergies. an elimination diet to rule out a food allergy can be very effective. Before doing an elimination diet it is important to rule out a flea allergy, contact allergy and any infection that may complicate things. Your vet can help you with this. A food trial must be done for 8-12 weeks. Some dogs take the whole 8 weeks to show any improvement in their allergies. At the end of your diet trial reintroduce a new ingredient. If within a week to two weeks the itching returns, you should eliminate that ingredient & continue with another.

  • Lean, No Fat Or Skin
  • Nothing Added, An All Meat Option
  • Highly Digestible


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