Seasonal Support
Seasonal Support

Seasonal Support

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Help soothe your pal’s seasonal allergies with Dr. Mercola's Seasonal Support (Seasonal Allergies) Supplements For Dogs. The holistic formula has eight nutrients that address the root cause of allergies and work synergistically to support normal inflammation and a healthy immune system. It’s formulated with inflammation-fighting quercetin that keeps histamine—the “allergy hormone”—under control, plus antioxidant vitamin C, bee pollen and others. And with cat’s claw, stinging nettle and bromelain, it packs even more anti-inflammatory action. Great for cats and dogs, it can help ease allergy symptoms like skin irritations, itchiness and hot spots. Plus, it’s made with natural beef liver so your pal will love the taste!


  • Helps support pets with seasonal allergies and maintain a balanced immune system and healthy inflammation.
  • Supports normal levels of histamine, the “allergy hormone”, with quercetin, antioxidant vitamin C, stinging nettle and cat’s claw.
  • With bee pollen, bromelain, plant sterols and butterbur extract to help your pal handle allergens from all sources.
  • Great for cats and dogs with allergy symptoms like hot spots, itchiness, skin irritations, sores, or rashes.
  • Made in the USA with an all-natural beef liver flavor and no synthetic fillers or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.


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