PETKIT Eversweet Travel Bottle

PETKIT Eversweet Travel Bottle

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PETKIT Eversweet Travel Pet Bottle is an absolute must-have when you're out with your dog, whether at the beach or a dog cafe!

Designed to be used with just one hand, PETKIT Eversweet Travel Pet Bottle only requires you to press a button with one finger to dispense water.

PETKIT Eversweet Travel Pet Bottle is a leakproof water bottle and bowl built into one, making it easy for you to bring it out everywhere with you and your dog!

Unlike other water bottles for dogs, PETKIT Eversweet Travel Pet Bottle allows you to easily pour any remaining water back into the tank if needed, just press the button and tilt back the bottle.

PETKIT Eversweet Travel Pet Bottle also has a changeable activated carbon filter inside to remove impurities and reduce the chlorine in the water before your dog drinks it.

Directions For Use
Before using your new bottle, rinse your new filter under running water and soak it laying flat in cold water for 2 minutes.
Turn the button to unlock the water flow and press the button to release it.
Change the filter after every 100 feeds (approx. 2 months). Only fill bottle with water at 2 to 50°C.

Suitable For
All dogs and cats.

Product Dimensions
Can contain up to 400ml of water.

Product Material
Water Bottle: BioCleanActTM and polycarbonate plastic
Filter: Coconut shell activated carbon