Pau D’Arco - 500mg

Pau D’Arco - 500mg

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Herbal support |  30 Capsules

Kin Dog Goods’ Pau D’Arco supplement contains all-natural ingredients to help stimulate the immune system, heal wounds, and combat infections. Functioning as an anti-fungal and anti-septic, can help to kill viruses and may be effective against cancer, lupus, and leukemia. Pau d’arco extracts can help treat systemic, chronic, or recurrent candidiasis, leaky gut syndrome, and related disorders. Fights yeast overgrowth which can contribute to chronic ear infections, licking at the groin or genitals, chewing on armpits and paws, facial rubbing, itching and skin problems.  

Product Facts

Active Ingredients
Pau D’ Arco (Tabebuia heptaphylla) (Inner Bark) ......................................................... 500mg

Other Ingredients
Hypromellose (cellulose capsule) and stearic acid (vegetable source). 

Not manufactured with yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, corn, milk, egg, fish, shellfish, or tree nut ingredients.

Directions (Suggested Starting Dose)
Cats & Small Animals: 1/2 to 1 capsule per day Medium to Large Dogs: 2 to 4 capsules per day

Give orally or open capsule(s) and mix into food. Best to divide daily dose into two feedings for optimum results. Can double the dose if under severe stress. To maintain long-term effectiveness, take a 1 week break for each 6 weeks of consecutive use.

This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Store in a cool, dry place.