Organic Bully Wipes

Organic Bully Wipes

Bully Wipes
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The Original #1 Bulldog Wipe



  • All Natural Organic Formula- Naturally Antifungal, Antimicrobial, Antiseptic and Antibacterial- without the use of harsh chemicals so you can feel good about using them anywhere on the body, especially the face and wrinkles
  • Bully Wipes are handmade in Small Batches - using key ingredients that protect, soothe, and nourish your pet’s coat and skin barrier
  • Bully Wipes Removes Dirt, Yeast and Bacteria
  • Tailored for your Bulldog - Bully Wipes were specifically created for Bulldog breeds in mind
  • We worked alongside Ayurvedic health professionals and researchers to carefully choose the best and safest ingredients. We left out all the nonsense!
  • One of the reasons our wipes are the best on the market is they are safe to use daily around the Eyes, Ears, and Skin Folds
  • As Bulldog owners we were mindful of their unique needs so we created a wipe that is safe and effective to clean those lovable wrinkles, remove bacteria, yeast, and dirt while also moisturizing, replenishing, and maintaining a healthy coat and skin barrier
  • Delightfully Natural Scent and Appearance - Discoloration of yellow and green colors is normal, these are the essential oil colors. When a product is stark white that usually means it has been bleached or dyes have been used, our wipes are free from all chemicals or dyes therefore have a green color due to the natural oils that also give the wipes a light and refreshing Botanical scent


Keeps your Bully Clean, Healthy, and Happy!


• Aloe vera soothes itching and heals dryness

• Calendula promotes healing and tissue reconstruction, relieves inflammation, is antimicrobial and antifungal

• Neem oil is ancient ayurvedic wonder that is naturally antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, promotes cellular and hair regrowth, it is excellent in curing skin allergies

• Geranium is an antifungal, great for treating skin conditions, especially yeast infections

• Niaouli is a powerful antibacterial that relieves skin allergies

• Chamomile relieves skin inflammation and is soothing to the senses

• Cucumber relieves itching and moisturizes the skin

• Hempseed is moisturizing, relieves skin inflammation, and allergies

• Lavender is soothing and calms irritated skin, the scent is also calming and revitalizing to the senses

Our essential oils are sourced from local farms here in the U.S.A. There are different strains of essential oils out there, our Bully Wipes ingredients are of the highest quality - Discoloration of yellow and green colors is normal, these are the essential oils.

 50 Large 3 Inch Round Wipes - Texturized to effectively remove and clean dirt and harmful build-up 

Use daily to prevent and destroy Yeast and Bacterial growth



  • Bully Wipes are Paraffin (wax) free, which is normally derived from petroleum. Octylphenol free which is combustible and used as a fuel stabilizer. Polysorbates free, Phenoxyethanol free, Propylene Glycol free, and preservative free as these can be a skin toxin which can change the ph of skin. Cocamidopropy Betaime (CAPB) free as these chemicals can be an irritant to your Bulldogs skin