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Organ Blend

Organ Blend

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Organs are the most nutrient dense part of an animal; we consider organs true superfoods – organ cuts are nature’s most delectable and nutritious vitamin and mineral supplements you can find. Be sure to include a variety of these foods in the diet on a regular basis.
Organs provide concentrated, special forms of bio-available, essential fats, vitamins and minerals required for proper organ function and overall nutritional balance., Organs are a vitally important part of a nutritious and balanced ancestral diet. Think of organs as adding a “vitamin-mineral” supplement to complete and balance the diet.


Guaranteed Hormone Free – Organic – Free Range & Pasture Raised Pork Liver, Kidney, Spleen, Brain, Pancreas.


Feeding guidelines:

  • Feed as percentage of daily diet
  • Cannot be fed a meal
  • Beneficial for Pregnant, Nursing Dogs
  • Raw Kidney Supports the Kidney
  • Raw Liver Supports the Liver

Note: We recommend feeding between 5-10%, so that organs are included as 10-20% of the overall diet to maintain long-term health. Most dogs can easily consume more than this % in the diet, while others are highly sensitive to these potent foods and experience digestive upset when overfed these foods, so start slow and adjust as needed.



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