Oculus Prime 150g Tub

Oculus Prime 150g Tub

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For Weepy Eyes & Tear

Staining in Dogs

Oculus Prime contains a specially selected blend of sustainably harvested sea plants that are potent anti-inflammatories of the mucosa. As well as being wonderfully nutritious it reduces water leakage from the eyes (and thus tear staining) by combatting the inflammation that causes it. If it doesn't, you get your money back. No quibbles.

What is Oculus Prime and how does it help?

With daily changes in salinity and temperature and such drastic changes from air to water, and not to mention being hammered by rocks and being nibbled by critters, sea plants in the intertidal zone have developed an incredible array of bioactive compounds, most notably here antioxidants and a variety of potent antinflammatories, to keep themselves regular.

We have selected a blend of four specific sea plants - 2 green seaweeds, one brown and a little red sea moss - that are known for their anti-inflammatory effects on mucosal membranes. By soothing irritation in the eyes you reduce the water flow. In this way, Oculus Prime works systemically to reduce weepy eyes and tear staining in dogs.

Why has my dog got weepy eyes?

Weepy eyes (and the tear staining that results) are common in many dogs, but particularly in the smaller, white-coated breeds. As long as we have eliminated the other usual suspects (eye infection / something in the eye / a structural issue from breeding, for more please see our most extensive article on weepy eyes in dogs) weepy eyes in dogs tend to be a sign of inflammation in your dog. Think of them as the smoke alarm going off. In our experience, this explains the majority of weepy eyes in dogs. Lots of things are known to inflame your dog, including

  • Dry pet food
  • Poor quality pet store treats
  • Chemical parasite control and all the unnecessary annual boosters
  • Chemicals around the home, in the garden or even out on the street.
  • Poor quality, highly chlorinated water.
  • Inflammation from pain, disease, an aching joint.

The trick is to remove as much of these inflammatory additions as you can. Often that alone will help turn off the tap.

What is the staining around my dogs eyes?

Tears contain all sorts of bits but in particular here are porforins, a little iron-based compound, giving it the reddish brown colour. If you stop the tears, you stop the porforins and their fur will return to that nice white within weeks.

How do I give Oculus Prime?

Oculus Prime is a finely ground, greeny greyish powder. There is a 2g scoop included. Your dog needs around 2g per 10kg of dog. You sprinkle it on their food (and yes, the vast majority like the taste. In fact, because it works so well, don't underestimate your dogs' ability to know what's good for them. Still, you might build to the required dose slowly over a few meals and mix it well into their food!).

How long will Oculus Prime take to work?

As the reviews corroborate, we expect Oculus Prime to relieve your dogs' weepy eye issues in anything from 2-14 days.

When should I NOT use Oculus Prime in dogs?

  • Oculus Prime is a blend of seaweed and moss. We recommend you do not use it in conjunction with other seaweed-based products.
  • Oculus Prime is a potent natural anti-inflammatory. We do not recommend you couple it with other anti-inflammatories, natural or from the vet, unless your vet savs it's OK.
  • Also, Oculus Prime is a source of iodine. It is not to be used in dogs with HYPERthyroid issues.