Natural Floor Cleaner Concentrate

Natural Floor Cleaner Concentrate

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By Essential Dog.


Natural Floor Cleaner 4 X Concentrate: Lemongrass And Eucalyptus

As pet owners we are cleaning our floors more often and most floor cleaners contain harmful chemicals that can lead to sneezing, skin irritations and allergies. Your dogs is more likely to come into contact with these chemicals as they often spend alot of their time sleeping on the floor so we have developed a highly effective 4 x Concentrate floor cleaner without the use of toxic chemicals. Effectively cuts grease and lifts dirt from your floors.

Contains plant derived, EcoCert Approved cleanser and harnesses the sanitising properties of our selection of 100% pure essential oils that will leave your home smelling beautifully fresh and clean.

pH-balanced (suitable for all flooring)
Soap Free
Enzyme Free
Premium Grade Ingredients
No hidden nasty chemicals
Not suitable for households with cats

Directions: Add 1-2 capfuls to a bucket and add 5 Litres of warm water. Mop as usual.

Contains: Purified water, Decyl Glucoside, Vitamin E Natural, Soya Bean Oil Extract, Cymbopogon Flexuosus (Lemongrass) and Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus) 100% pure and unadulterated essential oils.

sulphate-paraben-free.pngSulphate & Paraben Free

plant-derived-natural-ingredients.pngPlant Derived Organic Ingredients

no-synthetic-fragrances.pngNo Synthetic Fragrances

no-soap-or-silicones.pngNo Soap or Silicones

no-dpg-phthalates.pngNo DPG , TEA, DEA or Pthalates

no-artificial-colours.pngNo Artificial Colours

no-mineral-or-castor-oil.pngNo Mineral, Castor Oil or Animal Products

sulphate-paraben-free.pngNot Tested on Animals 

ecoproved.pngECOCERT Approved Cleansers

australian-made-owned-green-white-logo.png Australian Made & Owned



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