Meal Mix Multivitamin

Meal Mix Multivitamin

Dr. Mercola
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Meal Mix Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement Mix for Adult Dogs, which takes the guesswork out of making nutritionally balanced, homemade, fresh food for your dog without worry, fuss or confusion. This human-grade nutrient blend allows you to easily balance a variety of homemade meals without complicated math, measuring or guesswork.

When you use the Meal Mix and the Recipe Creator together, you can quickly prepare a balanced and nutritious fresh food meal for your adult dog.

How the Recipe Creator works:

  1. First you enter basic information about your dog –name, activity level and weight. If you have more than one pet, you can create multiple recipes for each dog.
  2. A dog’s activity level can vary from sedentary to active. For example, “Sleeps All Day” is typical for a geriatric dog or one who has a hard time getting around, while “Very Active” is for canine athletes. This choice sets the amount of calories that your dog will consume in a day.
  3. You will need to enter the approximate weight of your dog. If you don’t have this information, use the table below to estimate your dog’s weight:

    Breed Type Weight Range
    Toy Breed Up to 14 lbs.
    Small Breed 15-29 lbs.
    Medium Breed 30-49 lbs.
    Large Breed 50-79 lbs.
    Giant Breed 80+ lbs.

  4. Next, choose the meats, vegetables and starch for the recipe you wish to create. Some people will want to use veggies and starch and some will not; either way the recipes will remain balanced with the Meal Mix. Steve and I have prepared hundreds of meals that allow you to choose from meat only recipes, meat and vegetable recipes, or meat, vegetable and starch recipes to fit your budget and the nutritional needs of each dog in your family. The Recipe Creator allows you to choose one meat, one or two vegetables (optional), and one starch (optional). You can always create new recipes with different ingredients; the flexibility is endless. Of course, as always we recommend using ethically sourced grass fed meats, and organic vegetables and starches if possible.
  5. The recipe will also include the number of packets of Meal Mix for Dogs Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement to add to create a complete and balanced meal.
  6. Most recipes require adding a fish or krill oil (for omega 3 fatty acid requirements) or other ingredients such as vegetable oils to balance fats. The recipes provide you with a full, detailed ingredient list. Choose the recipes that work best for you and your dog.
  7. You can feed either raw or cooked food with the Recipe Creator. The most important thing is that you’re feeding a fresh food meal your dog will love!
  8. The recipes you create will provide both preparation directions and feeding instructions. You can view, print or email the recipes, and you can create as many recipes as you like.
  9. The Recipe Creator provides the macronutrient profile for each meal, and you can also view the full nutrient profile for a 1,000 kcal meal. Each recipe you create will have a specific kcal recommendation per day based on the activity level and weight of your dog. The recipe will meet or exceed the AFFCO nutrient standards for a complete and balanced meal for maintenance.
  10. After preparing the meal according to the recipe, you can store the remaining portions in the refrigerator for up to three days, or in the freezer for up to two weeks.