Liver and Kidney Support
Liver and Kidney Support
Liver and Kidney Support
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Liver and Kidney Support

Dr. Mercola
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Your pet can come into contact with environmental toxins both inside and outside the home and sometimes the build-up of toxins simply becomes too great for your pet's body to handle. 

Indoor contaminants include volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other toxic chemicals from household furnishings, cleaning and personal care products. Outdoor pollutants and contaminants can be present in the air, dirt and grass. Even rain water has been found to contain measurable amounts of glyphosate from the agricultural herbicide Roundup®.

Dr Mercola Healthy Pets Liver and Kidney Support has been formulated to help maintain your pet's healthy liver and kidney function and to support your pet's normal detoxification processes.

This product has been carefully formulated, based by Dr Karen Becker, based on her extensive research and experience, bringing together 14 valuable nutrients that support your pet's kidney and liver health including milk thistle for immune support and dandelion greens to promote liver and gallbladder health.

What are the ingredients in Liver and Kidney Support?

Glutathione: helps support your pet's liver in its removal of unwanted compounds. A peptide molecule made up of 3 amino acids, it also includes glycine. Glycine has been included along with glutathionein Liver & Kidney Support to help your pet's body make even more glutathione. It's important for other mechanisms, too 

Milk Thistle (seed) Extract: Milk Thistle is often associated with liver health. It is valuable because it’s main constituent of milk thistle seed extract is silymarin, a flavonoid compound. Milk thistle has therefore been included because it can help protect the liver against toxins, support immune function, promote free radical scavenging and help preserve glutathione. Research shows that milk thistle promotes many positive effects throughout an animal's entire body, and not just the liver. And moderate amounts of milk thistle have been found to be safe for animals.*

 *Important note: If your pet is on prescription medications or receiving medical therapy, please ask your vet if Liver & Kidney Support is appropriate for your pet before using.

Organic Dandelion (Leaf): Did you know that the leaves of the dandelion, especially, when grown organically without pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilisers, offer a multitude of benefits? Dandelion leaf extract has been added for its superior support. Rich in nutrients, dandelion contains "bitters" which provide the herb's main benefits. Dandelion gently stimulates and supports liver and gall bladder health. And it's especially helpful for kidney health, too.

Japanese Knotweed: (providing 15mg of reseveratrol) Certain plants produce resveratrol as part of their defense system against environmental stressors. Resveratrol is found in many plants, including pomegranates, raspberries, and Japanese knotweed. Japanese Knotweed has been included because it helps the liver "clean house" by flushing away unwanted fats, promoting optimal function.

Taurine: taurine is especially essential for cats, is an important amino acid for liver and gallbladder support. It is essential for optimal blood flow, cardiovascular health, and the production of bile in both cats and dogs. Pets with less-than-optimal levels of taurine may be at greater risk of adverse effects from toxins. Although a minimal level of taurine is included in most commercial pet foods, taurine is easily depleted in stressed pets.

Phosphatidylcholine (from Sunflower Lecithin) helps support a process known as methylation. Pets' bodies are equipped with powerful stress hormones. Adrenaline and noradrenaline help your pet through a crisis. However, chronic exposure to these hormones can be unhealthy. The faster your pet can get rid of these hormones once they are no longer needed, the better. The process of getting rid of these hormones is called methylation. Phosphatidylcholine is required for this process of breaking down and eliminating these hormones from your pet's body.

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), another potent free radical fighter, is an enzyme found in all living cells. As your pet ages, the number of free radicals he encounters can challenge his body's natural levels of free radical-quenching SOD. Supplementing with SOD may help your pet quench the free radicals his body encounters.

NAC is a cellular antioxidant that boosts your pet's tissue glutathione levels. NAC protects against oxidative stress and is a potent free radical scavenger.

Schisandra (fruit) Extract supports liver function by stimulating liver enzymes.

Meriva Curcumin phytosome Complex a potent antioxidant supports your pet's liver and kidney health.

Organic Chlorella supports your pet's normal detoxification processes.

Organic Green Tea (Leaf) Extract (decaffeinated)


Liver & Kidney Support for Cats & Dogs is recommended for daily use or as needed, depending upon your pet's exposure and overall vitality. Animals with stressed organs from either normal genetic predispositions or age related changes may benefit from daily use.

Here are some general suggestions for use to support your pet’s normal detoxification process:

  • If your pet is exposed to chemicals in heartworm medications, flea and tick preventives, or undergoes anesthesia, use for one week after treatments.
  • If your pet has seasonal exposure to toxins, such as swimming in chlorinated pools or walking in areas that have been sprayed, use as needed.
  • If your pet experiences regular exposure to pollutants or chemicals indoors or outdoors, such as household cleaners, air fresheners or household sprays, use regularly.
  • If you apply chemical lawn fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides in or around your home or yard, use regularly (remember, you’re likely tracking them inside your home).

Liver & Kidney Support can be used as a daily maintenance product for life-long support or periodically for short term exposures.