Goat Horn Chew

Goat Horn Chew

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Rp 160.000

Created by Wag

Long-lasting Goat Horns are cast-aside in the wild and we never let a good thing go to waste - ‘cause being all-natural is 100% important to us and for them (your best mates).

Our Goat Horns are like doggo gold. The Keratin proteins inside add strength and shine to coats and scrape away tartar build-up by a massive 70%.

Easy to love and hard on the chew to fight dental disease and keep your dog’s smile selfie-ready.

Baby we go(a)t your boredom busted, this doggo-and-earth friendly treat can last all night long…

We suggest treating your doggo for up to 30 minutes a day and supervised with this treat.



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