Goat & Chicken Cat Food 250g

Goat & Chicken Cat Food 250g

KIN Dog Food
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All Natural, Raw Balanced Diet

84% Meat Bone & Organ
14% Heart
2% Egg, Wheatgrass, Psyllium & Kelp

Complete natural raw food for cats that contains nothing more than the ingredients listed. Our high quality meats are completely human-grade and are organic wherever possible. All of the recommended and required nutrients including Taurine are provided by our whole food ingredients in this recipe.

  • Made for optimal nutrient absorption
  • All natural, nothing artificial
  • Contains no added salt, sugar, wheat or soy
  • 100% Human-Grade Ingredients
  • Safe raw food, quality assured
  • Recyclable Plastic Vacuum Pouch

Whole Chicken, Lean Goat Loin, Goat Heart, Chicken Heart, Chicken Liver, Goat Kidney, Goat Liver, Chicken Eggs*, Psyllium Husk, Wheatgrass* & Icelandic Kelp*. *Organic

Calories  100kcal/100g
Protein  17.06%
Fat  1.52%
Moisture  73.82%
Carbohydrates  4.58%
Fibre  1.84%
Calcium  0.40%
Phosphorus  0.35%
Manganese  0.9mg/kg
Zinc  27mg/kg