Deer Velvet Super Supplement 750mg

Deer Velvet Super Supplement 750mg

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by Imperial Pet Co.

Deer Velvet is a 100% natural, 100% renewable canine health supplement and here are some of the amazing naturally active ingredients

Deer velvet contains hundreds of active ingredients and is a 100% naturally renewable source of omega 3 and 6, glucosamine, chondroitin, amino acid, EPA, DHA, iron, magnesium, copper, protein and hundreds more.

Just some of the amazing benefits of deer velvet include:

    • Lubricates joints

    • Relieves symptoms of hip dysplasia

    • Improves muscle efficiency

    • Rebuilds joint cartilage

    • Increases energy levels

    • Promotes bone growth

    • Improves circulation

    • Relieves symptoms of arthritis

    • Improves tissue healing

    • Promotes cell repair

    • Builds resistance to disease and injury

    • Speeds up recovery from injury

    • Supports healthy cardiovascular function

    • Promotes a healthy and shiny coat

  • 100% Harm Free!
    Deer are the only mammals in the world that can repeatedly grow an appendage. Every year the stag (male deer) grows antlers in the lead up to mating season. In the wild antlers are used by the stag to assert dominance over the other male deer to prove he is the best mate for the females. These antlers are naturally shed every year after the mating season and regenerate all over again the following year.

    This means we can harvest Imperial Pet Co. deer velvet every single year from the same deer without harming the animal – there is nothing else like this in the world!