Balancing Eucalyptus Dog Soap

Balancing Eucalyptus Dog Soap

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TROOPETS is proud to boldly use a range of premium quality essential oils and other natural ingredients in this product to take the best care of your fur baby’s hair and skin. Troopets genuinely wants nothing but the best for our pets, and naturally, for ourselves.


The key ingredients in this range like Eucalyptus essential oil, Citronella essential oil, Australian Tea Tree oil, Peppermint oil, Spike Lavender oil and organic shea butter provide a great refreshing, nourishing and natural flea repelling result.


TIP: Can also be used as a gentle daily handwash for humans!


APPLY: Test the water temperature on your inner wrist. Rinse your fur baby with warm water. Rub the soap on your hand, and use your hand to rub your fur baby from the top to the end. A bath sponge can be used for the best performance. Rinse with warm water until clean.


•Made in Australia

•No petro-chemicals

•No synthetic fragrance

•Contains 100% pure essential oil

•Not tested on animals


Specification: 200g