AN162 Addison's Disease Canines support

AN162 Addison's Disease Canines support

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AN162 Addison's Disease in Canines natural support.

Addison's disease is known as Hypoadrenocorticism, it is the opposite to Cushing's disease.

It is an uncommon condition in dogs being a failure of the adrenal glands to produce enough glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid, compounds which control a large number of functions within the body. In Addison's disease the level of sodium decreases and potassium increases. Low sodium can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss and weakness. High potassium mainly affects the heart causing changes in the rhythm and contraction. Addison's disease can be caused by any mechanism which damages the adrenal gland.

The body runs off minerals.  
From minerals, enzymes are made.  Enzymes activate vitamins.  
All diseases are man made names for mineral imbalances.

Naturopathic support

from adrenal insufficiency as well as symptoms from this which can include muscle weakness, fatigue, skin, stomach issues and depression or stress. Aiding optimum health and wellness without using harsh drugs. It is also important to add vitamins to daily meals to support and nourish the body and adrenal glands.

This condition is an autoimmune disorder, by adding a herbal immune formula like (AN260) Immune Boost.
Some of the substances that can trigger an autoimmune disorder include drugs, heavy metals (found in vaccinations) etc.

Nutritional Support:

Med to large dog - half this for small or toy dog

Crush tablets (or open cap and add powder) to add daily to meals (or sardine mix):
One Vitamin B5B6 capsules 20mg (adrenal gland) 3 months then reduce to one cap daily.
Half teaspoon of Vitamin C powder (e.g WholeFood vitamin c powder)
Half teaspoon of Amino Acids L-Alanine powder.
Two Amino Acid L-Carnosine 500mg capsules (for cell membrane protection, supports muscle vitality)
One Potassium Gluconate (or Potassium Biocarbonate) supplement (powder from capsule)

*optional - if dog is urinating most days then use this also.  Two x Methyl Transfer capsules(absorption and methylation pathway blockages)

Blood sugar may drop dangerously low.

Potassium levels soar and disrupt the heart rhythm because there is not enough conserved sodium to exchange for potassium
So we need to have regulation of electrolytes by giving potassium and sodium supplements

Heart rate slows, arrhythmias result (Magnesium needed). 

Non Drug Prescriptions - Set of 4 - For all species and ages

1. HAMPL Addison Herbs 162-1 100ml (3.4oz) liquid
Contains homeopathic and herbal formula of:homeopathic ACTH, Cort, Adrenal Gland Nosode 200C, Complete Endocrine Organ Sarcode System 30C, with herbal Astragalus, Withania, Rosehips, Comfrey, Tumeric, Blue Flag, Licorice Root.

2.  HAMPL Adrena 162-2 50ml (1.7oz) drops
Contains Homeopathic, nosode complex: Con Mac, Gels (muslce support), Nux Vom (digestion), Cur, Colostrum Nosode, HAMPL Acute Gastro 89-1 formula with homeopathic organ sarcode muscle 6C, 200C,Trachi Aid 1891- formula,  Endocrine & Organ 104 formula.

3.  HAMPL Well Being 162-3 50ml (1.7oz) drops
Contains homeopathic and flower essences blend of:Arg Nit, Ars Alb, Aur Met, Cimi, with Bach Flowers of Clem, Gent, Gorse, Mustard, Star Bethlehem, Sweet Chestnut 50M, Narayani Special 12 Brain paralysis 30X,1M (brain cell boosting) with GABA in a 3X, 6C,12C, (GABA and Serotonin are natural brain neurotransmitters that improve our sense of well-being, calm sleep after a long illness, injury or traumatic experience), with Serotonin 3X, 12X ,10M, HAMPL Digestion Aid 163 formula

4.  Electrolytes - Potassium & Sodium powder (Small Satchel)
Contains - Potassium Bicarbonate, Himalayan salt
* Use for 3 weeks, then once energy and wellness is seen, go onto the general minerals solution called
ReMyte Minerals 30ml  (AN248) and
ReMag Magnesium 284 30ml - ongoing.

5.  Colostrum Powder ( complimentary sample satchel)