AN152 Microbial Immune Defense

AN152 Microbial Immune Defense

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AN152 Microbial Immune Defense (all round herbal infection cleanse)

  • For dogs & farm animals (not for horse)
  • Detox giardia, yeast, bacteria, virus parasites.
  • Microbial immune defense herbal formula.
  • Add herbs to food. Is a very potent mix.

Microbial Immune Defense
Parasites, Giardia, Yeast, Bacteria, Virus and excessive Mucous.

Just add drops to some food and hand feed. If too strong, add one drop to 1/4 glass of water stir, then throughout and add 1/8 of a glass of water and add this to meals. This dilutes it so the die off (hemxi) is not too much for the pet or animal. Fewer detox symptoms.An antimicrobial is a substance that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms[1] such as bacteria, fungi, or protozoans. Antimicrobial drugs either kill microbes (microbicidal) or prevent the growth of microbes (microbiostatic). Within a few days (usually one to three) after beginning herbal therapy, it is common for many pets to suddenly begin experiencing a worsening of their symptoms. In some cases, this experience can be extremely uncomfortable.

Commonly this name is abbreviated to Herxheimer, or simply A Herxheimer occurs because the bacteria or yeast infection, is under attack from the antimicrobial herbal formula, as it starts to break up and die, releasing toxins and other harmful debris as they do so. This, in turn, causes the body immune system to temporarily go into overdrive in order to cope with the abrupt deluge of toxins and debris. It is important to reduce this to a mild reaction so it does not confuse the immune system. So if your pet is more lethargic or sleeping more or not eating as much, not interested in normal activities and response then this is a sign to rest from the treatment until they feel better again, then resume treatment but of much less each time. If not reaction, then work up to more drops every 2 weeks.

At any time they display symptoms of reaction stop again and rest a few days. Then resume drops at same amount before they had a reaction. Continue for a few more weeks and then gradually increase the drop again and so on. A Herxheimer can last from a few days to two weeks or more, depending on how disseminated the bacteria is in the body.

Assist the body with Hydration (fresh filtered water and chicken broth) and add the Bioflavonoid Quercitin (500 mg per day).* Herbs are strong and must be diluted in some food before using for your pet or farm animal. Dosage instructions provided.

"NOT" suitable for Equines (horse) use.

HAMPL Microbial Immune Defense   30ml (1oz) liquid
Contains herbal formula of:Clove, Horseradish, Yarrow, Goldenseal, Cats Claw, Tumeric, Wormwood, Black Walnut Hull, Garlic, Neem Leaf, GFS extract.