AN073 Heart Health Tonic

AN073 Heart Health Tonic

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AN073 Heart Health Tonic. A herbal formula Restorative, Circulation, Inherited or Acquired Hyperlipidemia (also known as high cholesterol), Arrhythmia, Angina stress, Atherosclerosis, High blood pressure for all species.

HAMPL Heart Tonic 100ml (3.4oz) liquid
Contains herbal and homeopathy blend: Hawthorn Berries, Coleus, Olive Leaf, Red Clover, Burdock root, Cayenne herbs combined with homeopathic HAMPL Congestive heart 22-1 formula.
It is nutritional and restorative, aiding circulation and heart support, it can be given long-term adding drops to meals for all species. Dosing Instructions on the label.


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