AN057 Warts N Growths

AN057 Warts N Growths

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AN057 Warts N Growths (e.g. warts, moles, papillomavirus PV, epulis tumors, pediculated, polyps, plantar warts) in all species and ages.


  • Fig-warts, condylomata, fungoid tissue, spongy tumors.
  • Warts, moles - benign fatty tumors, etc
  • Growth is an expression of vaccinosis,
  • Papillomavirus PV in the mouth, throat or vagina areas.
  • Equine Papilloma Virus, Epulis growths, Pediculated, Polyps

Symptoms and Types  

Symptoms related to this disorder include bad breath associated with oral papillomatosis, bleeding from the mouth, increased or decreased appetite, and excessive excretion of saliva. In cats, papillomas will appear around the head, neck, and limbs, and will be either solitary or in multiple groups. 


Papillomatosis is contagious in nature and in older cats, this disorder can arise due to the immune system being suppressed through the use of medication, surgery, or in some instances, disease.  There are some cases where the wart virus is genetically related to breeding. Warts and similar growths - benign fatty tumors) are an expression of vaccinosis (vaccination side effects.) Such an animal may also tend to develop more serious types of growths (cancerous) in the future if not corrected at this point. There is an alternative immunization that is safe for your dog. Did you also know that one vaccine shot will cover their lifetime?  If you or your Vet ever followed up with a Titer Test (antibody immunity test), one would see your dog or cat has still got the antibodies in their system. Besides using natural warts go formula, it is also highly recommended that your pet will most likely need to have a chemical (toxins) HAMPL Vaccine Detox 40 DROPS as well.

"ORAL or  GENITAL PAPILLOMA"  HPV Virus warts in throat, lips, gum, vagina

Secondly, in young pets who often have a weak immune system, may obtain "Oral" Papilloma Virus Warts, they will, however, die off over a period of a number of months or less time, so no need for surgery or other interventions.  If you are ordering this remedy for your pet who may have "Oral" Papillomavirus, please make a comment or special request, so we can also provide a "HAMPL Oral Virus Mouth Rinse 57-2 30ml " Which will provide relief of infection, inflammation and as a virus herbal mouth rinse.  
Optional - If you can crush a little piece from a wart, and send a tiny sample to us, we can provide a very effective homeopathic medicine from this. this will also quickly prevent further spreading of warts.


Often see are different growths can be seen as fig type: Warts, condylomata, fungoid tissue, spongy tumor growth, Epulis growths (oral growths), pedunculated, polyps lumps. Many of these growths can be an expression of vaccinosis (vaccination side effects).  Then this is also a virus called "papillomavirus".  
Common in Equine s for the Papilloma Virus. Also, try putting some "apple cider vinegar" on topically on wart/s.  Maybe use a Q-tip cotton bud soaked in ACV. Leave on overnight and rinse off in the morning.  You may see results in one week or it could take longer.  Use for moles and wart growths in general. Warts can come in many types of varieties and sizes. In Equines the Papilloma Virus can be often seen on the penis shaft.


Also, there is the very common "Fatty Lipoma" tumor growth   (again non-cancerous growths). See formulas treatment for this with HAMPL Lipoma Growth 43 - Set of 2


A fibrous sarcomatous tumor in the peritoneum of the jaw, epulis growths are found in the gum "mucous gingiva" the growth or boil is called "Epulis" which can grow quite large. If your dog or cat has been diagnosed with the growth (or want to try this before trying anything else, as it's hard to know through visual diagnosis from Vet). So suggest using in conjunction with  HAMPL Keloid 58 formula and HAMPL Drawing Out 16 formula.

Growths in the nasal area (nasopharyngeal tumor)
Try HAMPL Nasal Blockage 62-1 formula

Immune system weakness
It is a weak immune system that allows warts to multiple so work on "immune boosting" herbs and supplements - whilst avoiding toxic chemical sprays and drugs etc. Also, try putting some apple cider vinegar topically on wart/s.  Leave on overnight and rinse off in the morning.  You may see results in one week or it could take longer. 

Non-Drug Prescription for all species and ages

HAMPL Warts n Moles 57-1  30ml (1oz) drops
Contains homeopathic, nosode complex: Epulis nosode 1X,4X,CM (fibrous sarcomatous tumour in the periosteum of the jaw, epulis growths are found in the gum "mucous gingiva "the growth or boil is called "Epulis" which can grow quite large), Bartya Carb 4X, 12X, 200C,10M (warts, has cured fatty tumors, encysted tumors, swelling and induration of glands, especially cervical, even after suppuration had commenced, fatty growth tumors, especially about the neck. Sarcoma in neck, with burning), Conium Mac 6C, Thuja 4X, 10M, CM (pediculated growths, polyps, fig wartsetc), Equine Papillomavirus nosode, Nat Mur 6X, 30C, 200C, Causticum 10M, Malignant nosode fibroplastic wart nosode in 4X, 200C (as a protection or treat), including the Fibroids nosodes 6X,1M, and Medorrhinum 200C,1M, (multiple warts on face), Papilloma Virus (human) 6X,30C, Papilloma infection nosode 12C, Silicea, Sulph, Ant M, Ars Alb, 4X, 1M. Calendula 6X, Phytolacca amer 6X, Chelidonium Majus 3X, 12X, 15X, 200C (warts, tumors)

~ Growths tumors and warts are often brought on from vaccinations. This homeopathic formula works on supporting the immune support from viral warts, so the system is no longer a good host for re growths or new warts to develop.  It will also help clear the system of warts.  If you need to also put something on topically if larger warts see below Oregano Oil for topical use.  Or order from another Essential oil supplier on-line.