Marshmallow Root - 480 mg

Marshmallow Root - 480 mg

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Soothing Anti-Inflammitory  |  30 Capsules

Kin Dog Goods’ Marshmallow Root helps reduce irritation in the urinary tract and upper gastric infl ammations.
Marshmallow Root can provide relief from kennel cough, tracheal collapse, mega-esophagus, gastritis and refl ux, cystitis, bladder and kidney infections.
Can be used as a topical paste to heal boils, hotspots, burns, wounds, and skin inflammations.

Product Facts

Active Ingredients
Organic Marshmallow Root (althaea offi cinalis)...480mg

Inactive Ingredients
plant-derived capsule (hypromellose)

Directions ( Suggested Starting Dose)
Small Dogs 1/2 capsule twice daily
Medium Dogs 1 capsule twice daily
Large Dogs 2 capsule twice daily

May cause a decrease in blood sugar levels. Talk to your vet fi rst if your dog is a diabetic.

This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Store in a cool, dry place.